Go Girl: Goals, Objectives, Outcomes

Program Goals

  1. Promote and support healthy, active lifestyles for teen girls in the province of Alberta

  2. Provide communities with the support and resources to host their own Go Girl events

  3. Encourage recipient communities to establish a local network and programs to ensure ongoing support of teen girls’ physical activity following a Go Girl event

Program Objectives

  • Provide girls with a low cost, community based event in a supervised recreational setting

  • Provide opportunities for girls to actively engage in a variety of indoor and outdoor physical activities of choice, including both individual and team sports

  • Provide participants with essential information to pursue activities of their choice

  • Meet needs of girls of different ability/disability levels, ages and cultural backgrounds

  • Ensure a fun and inviting atmosphere along with opportunities for girls to socialize and meet new people.

What are the Expected Outcomes?

As a result of attending Go Girl events, the teens will have:

  • Experienced a range of physical activity adventures

  • Received contact information on how to further pursue these activities in their communities

  • Received information dealing with nutrition and wellness issues

  • Provided input on physical activity preferences to be shared with community programmers and facility operators

  • Met other teens and gained new friendships

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Go Girl

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