Go Girl

What is Go Girl?

A one day get active workshop for pre-teen and teenaged girls. The goal of this event is to encourage and support teenaged girls in choosing an active, healthy lifestyle. This is a one day experience in which teenaged girls are invited to see-and-try a variety of physical activities and sports and access resources on how to continue participating in these activities. They also have the opportunity to participate in sessions and information on nutrition, body image and wellness issues. Go Girl is a great opportunity for girls to move beyond some of the barriers to participating in physical activity.

Why Go Girl?

  • Physical inactivity represents a significant health burden in Canada.  More than half of Canada's children and youth are not active enough for healthy growth and development according to studies by the Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute.

  • Between 1981 and 1996, the number of overweight Canadian children doubled.

  • Specifically, teenaged girls ages 12-17 are at high risk.  They are generally less active than males in the same age group.  This is compounded as the recent trends indicate that levels of sport participation decrease dramatically as we age (Sport Canada's 1998 - Sport Participation in Canada).

  • Girls are particularly prone to sedentary behaviour during puberty, when their self image and confidence levels are challenged.  In fact, 62 percent of girls are inactive compared to 54 percent of boys.  (Canadian Pediatric Society - Environics Poll-April 2002).

  • Another alarming trend presented by Drug Strategies President Mathea Falco at a Washington, DC press conference indicated "by the early 2000's, girls will surpass boys in tobacco alcohol use and will be pulling even with them in marijuana use". Our Alberta girls echoed this same concern, rating drugs and alcohol as the top issue facing teens today.

Go Girl

Go Girl

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