Annual General Meeting 2016

Apr 4, 2016

InMotion Network is a not-for-profit organization; with an elected volunteer Board of Directors of eight women, four committees and sub-committees as required; all consisting of volunteers, from our membership.  

InMotion is a “network of networks” linking various agencies and organizations around the province of Alberta with groups of people who share their vision as promoters and facilitators of girls and women in sport and physical activity.

InMotion Network is the only sport and physical activity organization dedicated exclusively to the specific needs of girls and women of all ages in Alberta. 

Through networking, promotion of activities, and education, members of the network strive to ensure that the vision of the association is achieved: “Girls and women participate and lead in all levels of sport and physical activity.”

This year, 2016 we turned a big 21 on February 07. Our Annual General Meeting was held successfully on March 30, 2016. To read the Annual Report, please click here.

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